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Rose with Robbie O'Connell

Rose with Robbie O'Connell at the Burren Backroom


Robbie O'Connell made his Burren Series debut four years ago and since then, his yearly appearances have been among the most anticipated.  His story-telling, wit, song-writing, and a personality that exudes warmth will again make this February afternoon an occasion to drive the winter chill away.
Hosted by Brian O'Donovan of A Celtic Sojourn on WGBH radio, The Burren Backroom series feature core performers from many aspects of traditional music as well as special guests, and conversations around the music.  As is the custom of the Burren, it is anticipated informal and dynamic post concert sessions will be a feature.

Tickets prices vary with a $5 discount for WGBH Members.  If you are a member, send an e-mail to celtic@wgbh.org and we will send you the code.

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