Rose is available as a solo artist or in a variety of ensembles.

Rose and Gene Clancy
A Father Daughter Duo Eugene and Rosemary Clancy are a father and daughter musical collaboration.  From lively jigs and reels to ballads and love songs, their repertoire reaches across generations and continents to provide what Eugene likes to call, "Ordinary music for ordinary people." Enthusiastic audiences find their music anything but ordinary, whether they are playing as a pair - Rose on fiddle and mandolin, Eugene on guitar, harmonica and vocals - or with the larger ensemble of relatives and friends known as The Clancy Tradition.
Their music conveys both the experience of Eugene’s upbringing in Armagh, his years touring the folk circuit with brothers Pat and Brendan, and the intimate knowledge of the instruments that comes from Rose’s current study of violin making. Their performances for the past few years at various venues have inspired audience members not just to applaud, but to join in with a song, or get up and dance.

Hire Rose to host a session at your pub or home.  Lively reels and jigs.  Invite your friends to play along!