Rose Clancy, with Brendan Dolan


Rose Clancy, with Brendan Dolan


Rose Clancy - Fiddle, Brendan Dolan - Piano, Flute and Whistle, Jon Evans - Double Bass, Bob Jennings - Cello

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  1. Johnny Muise’s (Jerry Holland)/ Laurel’s (Allister Bennett)/ Jack Daniel’s (John Morris Rankin) Reels

  2. Boys of Lough Gowna (Paddy O’Brien) / Knights of St. Patrick / Dancing Eyes (Sean Ryan) Jigs

  3. Betty Moffett (Greg Johnson) Waltz

  4. Far from Home / Hughie Shortie’s (Johnny Wilmot)/ Taybank Shenanigans (Ross Ainslie) Reels

  5. The Little Fair Cannavans / Ryan’s / Moll Roe Slipjigs

  6. Coppers and Brass / The Admiral’s Whiskers (Clayton March)/ The Spotted Dog (John McEvoy) Jigs -

  7. Doherty’s / The Glenties Mazurkas

  8. The Pleasures of Hope / Dwyer’s Hornpipes

  9. Tuttles / Kiss Me Kate / Ormond Sound (Paddy O’Brien) Reels

  10. Niel Gow’s Lament for the Death of His Second Wife Lament

  11. The Dance of the Honeybees (Charlie Lennon)/ Chaff Pool Post Barndance

  12. Battle of Waterloo / Nell Flaherty’s Drake / My Friend Sharon (Clare McLaughlin) March-Jigs